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Version: 7.5.x


  1. Choose how to deploy:

    a. Download Prebuilt Binary (current release is v7.5.0)

    b. Build with $ go install which will put the binary in $GOPATH/bin

    c. Using the prebuilt docker image (AMD64, PPC64LE, ARMv6, ARMv7, and ARM64 tags available)

    d. Using a Kubernetes manifest (Helm)

Prebuilt binaries can be validated by extracting the file and verifying it against the sha256sum.txt checksum file provided for each release starting with version v3.0.0.

$ sha256sum -c sha256sum.txt
oauth2-proxy-x.y.z.linux-amd64: OK
  1. Select a Provider and Register an OAuth Application with a Provider
  2. Configure OAuth2 Proxy using config file, command line options, or environment variables
  3. Configure SSL or Deploy behind a SSL endpoint (example provided for Nginx)