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Version: 6.1.x



OAuth2 Proxy is a community project. Maintainers do not work on this project full time, and as such, while we endeavour to respond to disclosures as quickly as possible, this may take longer than in projects with corporate sponsorship.

Security Disclosures


If you believe you have found a vulnerability within OAuth2 Proxy or any of its dependencies, please do NOT open an issue or PR on GitHub, please do NOT post any details publicly.

Security disclosures MUST be done in private. If you have found an issue that you would like to bring to the attention of the maintenance team for OAuth2 Proxy, please compose an email and send it to the list of maintainers in our MAINTAINERS file.

Please include as much detail as possible. Ideally, your disclosure should include:

  • A reproducible case that can be used to demonstrate the exploit
  • How you discovered this vulnerability
  • A potential fix for the issue (if you have thought of one)
  • Versions affected (if not present in master)
  • Your GitHub ID

How will we respond to disclosures?

We use GitHub Security Advisories to privately discuss fixes for disclosed vulnerabilities. If you include a GitHub ID with your disclosure we will add you as a collaborator for the advisory so that you can join the discussion and validate any fixes we may propose.

For minor issues and previously disclosed vulnerabilities (typically for dependencies), we may use regular PRs for fixes and forego the security advisory.

Once a fix has been agreed upon, we will merge the fix and create a new release. If we have multiple security issues in flight simultaneously, we may delay merging fixes until all patches are ready. We may also backport the fix to previous releases, but this will be at the discretion of the maintainers.